About Jason

Jason Fleming is a licensed Realtor® and CPA (inactive) known for his friendly demeanor, integrity, diligence and client service.

Tell us a little about yourself.

I’m a CA native and a married father of two. I grew up in Orange County, CA and have lived in “South OC” for the past 20+ years. I love where I live and feel incredibly fortunate to be able to help others find their perfect space in this beautiful area as well. Outside of real estate, my interests revolve around family, golfing, surfing, and generally staying active.

What attracted you to real estate as a profession?

My interest in real estate started in college and, from there, grew into multi-home ownership, investing, a rehab “flip” operation, and property management.

From a professional standpoint, my career spans over 25 years, having started in public accounting, followed by Fortune 500 company finance and business consulting before, ultimately, entering real estate. For me, the common thread has always been people. I genuinely enjoy interacting with and helping others. As a profession, real estate affords me that opportunity and is one where my strengths and interests align very well.

How Do You Set Yourself Apart in Such a Crowded Industry?

Authenticity, diligence, integrity, and communication. I listen closely and always try to authentically connect with people to better understand what’s important to them. In turn, I’m better able to provide guidance and craft solutions that address their needs and align with their goals.

I also closely monitor developments in my market and continually challenge myself to expand my knowledge base. I always want to be of value to the clients I’m fortunate to work with.

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